Man on the Moon

Forty years ago on July 20th Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon. Having travelled 250,000 miles across space he brought his NASA moonlander down with literally seconds of fuel to spare. It was true Boy’s Own stuff.

To celebrate this fact over on the 50 Word Short Story group I’ve been running a Moon Man 50 Word short story competition.

Thanks to Aliya Whiteley who chose the winner and runner up and also seven other highly recommended.

BBC Moon Archive

Winner: Jake Webb

Imagine my surprise when I found my wallet on the moon! Someone had nicked it weeks earlier. The money was gone but the restwas still there: lucky dollar bill, Krakow bus ticket, the paperclip mygirlfriend gave me. I sat and looked at the Earth and thought, ‘Well,alright.’

Runner Up: Eric Karl Anderson

Emergency ‘Moonwalk’ Wedding Cake Recipe:

– Bake four layers hazelnut meringue
– Sandwich together with chocolate mousse
– Spread chocolate ganache over bubble wrap
– Cover cake
– Freeze
– Remove wrap revealing crater-like surface

The bride’s mother, diagnosed with terminal cancer last week, declares it “out of this world.”


Will Jones (Baltimore, MD)

I woke to crying, and stumbled into my son’s room.
“I don’t want to be an astronaut, Daddy.”
He’d dreamed he was alone on the moon and couldn’t get down.
I rocked us to sleep. Then I went to the moon, so he wouldn’t be alone if he came back.

James Burt (Uni. Sussex)

The moon landings were real, but they cheated a little. Part of the moon’s dark side is near the M11 and the famed mission happened there. The journey was too short, so Aldrin, Armstrong and Collins hid out in a derelict motel, staring sadly up at the sky.

Armanda Baruti (Universität Bern)

Not Over the Moon

The earth loved being circled by the moon, until one day, by blocking the sun she sent the moon into hiding. How stupid of her!

She sees him once in a blue moon but he doesn’t say hi. All she asks for is him but she’s asking for the moon.

Jon Longworth

Eat your cornflakes! My mother. At the bottom of the box lies a small plastic model of a Saturn V rocket. It will go with my lunar landing capsule from last week. Which went with my astronaut from the week before. Twice the cornflakes. Twice the rockets. Twice the dream.

Darlene Longo (Toronto, ON)

Ten years old …wide eyed glued to the tele.
IT was really true, all spacesuited up they were walking on the moon.
But where was the man in the moon, the one who lived there, and where did the little green men go?
I think they were on another channel.

June Anne Welsh

Do you know in Napoli, if the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore? And when the world shines like you’ve had too much wine? Same thing – amore! And when stars make you drool, like Pasta Fagiul…? Got it…? Amore. So Dean Martin says .

Rebecca Bachtel

The Moon stared down at the sea, admiring her reflection.
“I deserve a symphony,” thought she. “Breach for me, great whales! Glitter on the surface, o phosphorescence!.” The mermaids leant their voices to keep tune.
After several hours, with a satisfied yawn, the Moon made her way towards the horizon


2 Responses to “Man on the Moon”

  1. 1 Pia
    July 18, 2009 at 11:27 am

    All the above stories are fabulous, each and every one of them. And the one that speaks volumes for me is Rebecca Bachtel’s – i love the images her words conjured up in my mind.

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